Anastasiya Kvitko Nude: Russian Kim Kardashian 2018

Anastasiya Kvitko (also known as Stacy or Russian Kim Kardashian) is Russian model, Instagram influencer and businesswoman. She was born on November 25, 1994 in Russia, Kaliningrad. Her age is 22. Her zodiac is Sagittarius. Rumors say that her religion is Catholic. Kvitko is 5’9′ (175 cm) with 128 lbs (58 kg). Her measurements are 37-24-41 and bra size 36F (80F). She is a model, you can’t see Anastasiya Kvitko nude from official photos, but we found the best pics you can to see her nipples and body almost completely naked. You can jump to the gallery below right now!

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Anastasiya Kvitko Nude Gallery

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She began her modeling career in August, 2014. It all started with her being active on Instagram. People started to admire her higly unique curves and her following started to grow like crazy. Kvitko was noticed by Russian photographer Anvar Norov, who has worked in Paris, and invited her for a photoshoot. During her childhood she was good at sports. Now Kvitko hits the gym four times per week to maintain her hot curves. It’s nearly impossible to find Anastasiya Kvitko naked. Her nude pics are non-existent. Although Kvitko’s Instagram account is full of almost complete nudity.

Anastasiya lived in South Florida, Miami, United States. It was her initial destination to persue modeling career because of shooting for Kanye West’s clothing range. She moved there from her homeland. She was there often called Miami’s Kim Kardashian. Then she moved to western coast in Los Angeles, where Kvitko lives till now.

Anastasiya Kvitko is often accused of surgeries on her body. She refused this saying. Her body won her such massive Instagram following and attention of agencies around the world, even though she was initially refused by many US agencies who though that she is too “fat” for modeling. We are enclosing few years old pictures so you can decide whether its possible to have such figure.

Amateur photo of Anastasiya Kvitko before persuing modeling career
This is Anastasiya before she decided to move to United States.

Kvitko before modeling and now in modeling career
It’s upon your decision whether Kvitko went through surgery or not. There is no evidence that she did.

Compare Kvitko before and after modeling
Although it’s highly unlikely that she’s natural. Kvitko said in interview that she is better than Kim Kardashian, because Kim has butt implants. There might be a reason behind this statement.

Officialy she is all natural. Unofficialy – make your own decision based on pictures above.

Kvitko is front face of Eliya Cioccolato swimwear brand. She uses their product on regular basis. These bikinis look great on Anastasiya Kvitko nude body. She was also in a Spanish talk show Un Noevo Dia back in 2016. She didn’t appeared in any film/movie or xxx videos so far. She also uses her Instagram account for sponsored posts for brands like Fashion Nova and The Toy Store Mia (Luxury cars rental company in Miami). Her idols are latinas like Beyónce, Nicki Minaj and her rival Kim Kardashian. Anastasiya’s favorite food is pizza and sea food, but she tries to eat healthy as much as possible since she moved to the US. In 2017 she was placed on third spot in Maxim’s pool to find Russia’s most beautiful woman. Playboy also already shown future interest in her.

Kvitko doesn’t tell anything about her privacy. There is no information about her boyfriend.

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