Miss BumBum in Brazil: Booty Nude Contest

Miss BumBum is a contest that takes place in São Paulo, Brazil. It was founded by brazilian journalist and entrepreneur Cacau Oliver (born 1979). Contest is organized every year and has 27 participants. Each one of them represents different part of Brazil. BumBum is meant to be a beauty contest, but its attacked by critics because of objectivization of the female body. Whole contest should pick one girl with the best ass. Winner receives prize of $15.000 and modeling contract. Since it takes place in Brazil and its mainly focused on this country, organizers were able to push calendar of the last winner Erika Canela in 2016 to the US market. It was presented as 2017 edition. Erika was featured few times on Playboy magazine cover.

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Since this contest is not porn related, you can see that most girl are almost nude. Babes have to show their butts to the world, so it gains popularity which equals money and content to export (calendar). As I went through sites and statistics I noticed that its quite popular. It is searched by almost 1 million people worldwide during the year. Take in mind that this isn’t fitness competition. Most girls have big booty, not perfectly shaped round ass. Miss BumBum isn’t nude, but you can see almost naked girl. Just check video below. For example they go through city with their nude ass on public. This event is blessing for lovers of nature looking sexy butts.

There was also a suspicion of jury bribery in 2013.

Miss BumBum winners and contestants

Year 2017 Candidates: Rosie Oliveira, Bianka Cabral, Gilliane Bonheur, Rangel Carlos, Pietra Maya, Nayara Godoy and more (check complete list of girls in gallery below)
Year 2016: Miss Erika Canela
Year 2015: Miss Suzy Cortez
Year 2014: Miss Indianara Carvalho, Vicemiss Claudia Alende
Year 2013: Miss Dai Macedo
Year 2012: Miss Carine Felizardo, Vicemiss Andressa Urach
Year 2011: Miss Rosana Ferreira

Upcoming candidates in 2017

Past participants

Miss title is granted to the person who won the contest. He or she was first.
Vicemiss is the person who ended second, so Miss is more valuable than Vicemiss.

Here you can check video from Miss BumBum Year 2013 with interviews:

Mr. Skin

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