Playboy Magazine: All about its Founder and History

Playboy – one of the best known magazines in the world. There is literally no one who haven’t heard of it. Established on October 1, 1953 by Hugh Hefner as magazine for men where you can read all those men staff, but more importantly you could see naked photos of popular celebrities. Playboy is lifestyle magazine, but most people, if not all, have it connected with soft erotica. It was all Playboy that started nude revolution in combination with sports, fashion and influencers interviews. The goal here was to make the only one and the only right magazine for every men. Hugh made it to one of the strongest and most recognizable brands worldwide. Americans consider Playboy as their national heritage. Playboy magazine is published in almost all first countries in the world.

Playboy founder is Hugh Hefner (full name Hugh Marston Hefner). He was born on April 9, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Hugh was American businessman, publisher, political activist, philanthropist and bon vivant. Interesting part of his life with parents was that his mother’s intention was to make him a missionary. Instead he end up being a playboy. Before that he attended Steinmetz High School and served in US Army for 2 years. Then he graduated from the University of Illinois (Psychology, Creative Writing). After studies he started to work as a writer for Esquire. Funny part is that they refuse his request on slight salary rise, so he decided to leave the job and start competing magazine.

Title “Playboy” wasn’t invented by Hugh himself. Actually it came from people who would sell the magazine in paper form, because there were troubles with initial title “Stag”. Hugh Hefner needed something big for his first issue, so he burrowed money from family and other investors and acquiered Marylin Monroe for nude photoshoot. Her nudity was hit supported by big marketing campaign. Her pictures were also used in a calendar that year. Marylin was also the only girl called Sweetheart of the Month (not Playmate).

First Playboy issue ever December 1953
First Playboy: December 1953

Since second issue they had to invent a logo, because it was sure that the magazine is successful. Graphics designer Arthur “Art” Paul (founding Art Director of Playboy Magazine) created rabbit silhouette with small tuxedo bow tie. It fastly became one of the most recognized logos ever. Since then it helped Playboy to start selling merchandise.

Hugh used famous Playboy Mansion as his fort. It is located in Los Angeles, California, United States. He was used to date up to seven girls at a time. This Mansion was famous thanks to media that presented it as a lair of sexual parties. Hugh has two kids with Kimberley Conrad (they were divorced, unofficially for a long time). She was 36 years younger.

Mr. Skin

Playboy magazine became famous for term Playmate of the Month (US$25k) or Playmate of the Year (US$100k). Playmates are sexy female models featured on the cover or in the middle of the magazine. It works in a Wiki-style format, where you can not only see colorful nude pictures of her, but also read biography and other interesting personal information. This feature offered a lot of information for celebrity fans, which they couldn’t find anywhere else. At least least in not far times, when Internet wasn’t such a big deal for medium like Playboy. Current situation forced Playboy to discard nude photos, because it can be found online very easily. Since 2016 they changed strategy to fight free online nudity. There are rumors that they did it because of better selling in India and China. Official news say that the change in stopping nudity increased sales by 30 %.

Sadly, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner died on September 27, 2017 (age 91). You can follow tweet below to to honor his memory.

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